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“Excellent business performance is based on a number of integrated capabilities. These include the knowledge of and ability to manage your key business processes, an understanding of people and change management, a passion and capability for customer service, developing and operationalising business strategy, effective use of innovation and technology, and the desire to always improve what you have chosen to do.”

Imre Hegedus

Managing Director
Imre Hegedus Consulting (IHC)

Business Services to Advance Your Organisation – Now and Into the Future

IHC is committed to working with you to develop and implement the core capabilities within your business. We can help you improve your overall processes and manage improvement sustainably, ensuring that it’s ongoing through the life of your organisation.

A Holistic View

At IHC, we take a holistic view of your business. We appreciate the systemic inter-relationships of various business elements and ensure that whatever your requirements, our solutions will be considerate of their impact on the whole business. Understanding this is central to effecting performance improvements. This is why we have chosen the honeycomb device as part of our branding, as it represents the dynamic and systemic nature of organisations in action.

The Steps to Effecting Sustainable Change in Your Business

IHC see effective business performance improvement as always starting with a current state review, after which decisions must be made as to what combination of improvement options should be undertaken. We characterise our engagement approach as covering four main areas:

1. REVIEW – Understanding the current state of the business.
2. IMPROVE – Identifying the specific opportunities presented to improve the business.
3. CHANGE – Working on your business system rather than in your business.
4. TRANSFORM – Developing a new business model that provides greater capabilities and performance than the current model.


Business Process Management (BPM) | our strength – your benefit – sustained results

“Business process management – BPM – is often introduced as a totally different way of managing the business – through the definition, management and ongoing improvement of its processes. It is nearly always seen as requiring a cultural shift at all levels and, while process is a primary focus, BPM recognises the complex inter-relationships between the various components of a business. The establishment of enterprise-wide process models that describe the key aspects of the business (sometimes in terms of core, management and support processes) often characterises a BPM deployment. The introduction of the role of process owners, the need for corporate governance of the identified processes, and the matrix management of the business, follows. The important link between the core business processes and the key customer requirements drives many of the strategic improvement projects that begin to emerge.”

Imre Hegedus, “BPM – Insights and Practices for Sustained Transformation” (2008)


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