What we do

Imre Hegedus Consulting (IHC) and Associates focus is on developing process management and improvement capabilities for sustained transformation. We do this by combining the improvement capabilities of six sigma, lean, and quality techniques with the ongoing governance structures and practices of business process management.

IHC engages with:

  • senior executives to develop shared visualisations of the current and future state of their enterprise
  • management and operational staff to ensure the knowledge and capabilities for sustained improvements become part of the culture.

IHC are a boutique company that provide niche professional services to all industries. We conduct current state reviews and help organisations evaluate and decide the best path to improving the performance of existing business models. Alternatively, we can help plan and manage the transformation of  your enterprise to a new business model entirely. We provide consulting, facilitation, coaching, training, and advisory services in all aspects of our business review and improvement approach:


Effective engagement and visualisation techniques are our strength.

Who we are

Imre Hegedus

IHC is a specialist process and change management professional services firm based in Melbourne, Australia. Our pedigree is based on our founding director and consulting associates having a breadth and depth of real-world practical experience. We also have a cadre of long-standing associates who bring a wealth of business experience and consulting services to our clients. Being a boutique consulting practice that attracts the best in their field ensures that our clients receive high quality services and excellent value.

Central to our value proposition is the combination of social (stakeholder engagement) and technical (visualisation, modeling and deployment) capabilities.

IHC Associates each have decades of professional business improvement experience and systemic thinking is at the core of everything we do.

How we operate

By enabling our clients to realise their potential through process, quality, and social engagement methods; IHC has developed a strong reputation for delivering innovative yet practical solutions to complex business problems. Working in partnership with our clients, IHC use proprietary and industry standard methods and models that provide unique visuals of both current and future state representations of any enterprise.

While process is often central to our engagements, IHC have expertise in various aspects of organisations as described by IHC’s dynamic systems model (DSM). The DSM puts customer requirements in context of a whole-of business perspective. This provides clients with the right sort of enterprise considerations for more informed decision-making.

IHC can review your current strategies and operations, provide incremental and systemic improvement recommendations, and develop sustainable transformation roadmaps to help you realise your long-term goals while overcoming your more immediate issues. Importantly, we can then assist you deliver the projects and realise the benefits of your plans.

Our history

Established in 2005, IHC was founded on the strong reputation of Imre Hegedus as an experienced executive and practiced leader of Business Process Management (BPM). IHC has since worked with some of Australasia’s largest organisations – reviewing, improving, and facilitating organisations on their transformation journeys.

In 2008, Imre Hegedus published an Industry Report titled “Business Process Management – Insights and Practices for Sustained Transformation”. This was then followed by “Business Process Management – Strategies to Improve Performance’ in 2012 co-authored by a number of IHC Associates.

The journey continues…