The Double Chevron ‘Honeycomb’ Symbol

We are passionate about ‘process’ and have done a lot of thinking about how we describe our processes in graphical form. The double chevron (or honeycomb) symbol represents the multi-dimensional relationships that need to be considered as part of any professional services engagement – process or otherwise.

The genesis of this representation is from Stephen Covey’s Organisational Effectiveness Model. Covey used rectangles to represent other organisational elements and a honeycomb symbol to represent processes within his overall model of organisational effectiveness. This is especially important for Process Professionals as there is a tendancy to focus on processes (and often technology) without contexting them with all the other dimensions of an organisation.

Having used the effectiveness model a number of times and subsequently having developed a number of Process Models using the honeycomb symbol as the highest level of abstraction; our clients find it both visually appealing and more illustrative of the systemic and dynamic nature of organisation-level business processes.

As such, this representation features prominantly as part of IHC branding and methodology.

The Dynamic Honeycomb Device

Process and change management are very dynamic disciplines. We are often seeking to take a ‘snap shot’ in time of what our businesses are doing as a baseline from which to move forward. While this is somewhat of an artificial blueprint; it is a necessary and iterative step in the journey of continuous improvement. The ‘bubbles’ represent cycles of activity that lead us to the current-state view (the Dynamic Systems ‘honeycomb’ model) which is always evolving to take us toward our next future state. This dynamic change process is represented by the Dynamic Honeycomb Device.


The Sphere-H logo is actually a gestalt. There is no capital H which is what one actually ‘interprets’’. There are simply two shapes that together are perceived to ‘form’ a capital H. The play here is that the lower case ‘i’ and reversed ‘h’ of my name form the capital ‘H’ of my logo. The significance is that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Process and Change Management Professionals need to be able to see the whole while looking at the detail and make sense of both. Systems Thinking is at the heart of this and central to our consulting approach.

The “Sphere-H” logo, the “Dynamic Honeycomb Device”, and “Imre Hegedus” are Trademarks of Imre Hegedus Consulting.