Partnerships are important enablers to providing the right solutions at the right time for our customers. These partnerships can be formed on a case-by-case basis (dynamic) or longer-term strategic partnerships such as those listed below.

If you are interested in becoming a business partner then please contact us

Dynamic Partnerships

We have the flexibility and credibility to dynamically partner with others to deliver real value to our customers. From time to time we selectively partner with other companies to provide further resources with broader capabilities and specialist skills to deliver customer requirements.

Strategic Partners

A select number of longer-term partners offering complimentary services with aligned values.

Capability is a specialist consultancy that helps clients better execute their strategy.  Founded in 1994, we leverage three generations of innovation to accelerate their growth, simplification and digitisation outcomes.

Capability Design services accelerate Executive confidence through facilitating strategic clarity, business case and program design, and defining the required organisational capability. 
Capability Delivery services increase outcome certainty through proven professionals with globally recognised and awarded methods. 
Capability Digital services accelerate revenue and customer growth through progressive digital models.


CollabraLink is a technology consultancy focused on business process improvement. Founded in 2003 by Business Process Management (BPM) industry veterans, the firm earned immediate success by delivering exponential ROI on a multimillion-dollar engagement at a Fortune 100 global technology company. Repeated successes followed, with the firm often salvaging projects begun by its largest competitors. Today CollabraLink has established itself as the “go-to guys” for BPM analysis and implementation. Services are delivered directly to the client or in support of implementation teams from various BPM application software vendors. Expertise offered includes every ancillary skill required to analyze, model, implement, and optimize business process transformation and enterprise application integration.

Stacey Barr

Stacey will help you get the kind of data and information that tells you how well your business is performing, and how to make it perform better. Like an accountant measures the financial performance of your business, Stacey will help you to measure all the aspects of performance of your business that most affect its success (like product and service quality, staff productivity, waste, rework, process efficiency, cycle time, customer perceptions, problem resolution, breakdowns in service delivery, and so on). Stacey will help you to use these performance measures in your decision making, so you can improve your business processes and functions and ultimately your business success.

Snowmelt is a systemic design consultancy and a strategic partner of thriving organisations. They help founders, executives and leaders to navigate a complex, changing world. Snowmelt’s services support organisations to shape themselves, scale, transform and tell their stories. They use systems thinking and design approaches to partner with organisations to strengthen three critical aspects of strategy: strategic thinking, strategic decision making, and strategic execution.