IHC provide niche professional services to all industries by reviewing your existing business and help you decide how you need to improve business performance of your existing business model …or we can help transform your enterprise to a new business model entirely. We provide consulting, facilitation, coaching, training, and advisory services in all aspects of our business review and improvement approach.

Central to our value proposition is the combination of social (stakeholder engagement) and technical (modeling and solutions) capabilities. IHC Associates all have professional business improvement experience and systemic thinking is at the core of everything we do. Effective communication and visualisation techniques are our strength.

current business model
new business model
1­ review
2­­ improve
3­­ change
4­­ transform

IHC see effective business performance improvement as always starting with some sort of current state review after which decisions must be made as to what combination of three improvement options should be undertaken. We characterise our engagement approach as covering four main areas:

  1. Business Review
  2. Operational (Systematic) Improvement
  3. Systemic Improvement
  4. Sustainable Transformation