Identify and prioritise the opportunities for positive change across your organisation with the guided assistance of I H Consulting’s business review services. To successfully instigate change it’s imperative that you are able to develop a comprehensive understanding of the business’ current state. Our business review service which is available in Melbourne and across Australasia. Developing this awareness enables you to directly pinpoint the areas that necessitate change, and facilitates the development of practical, actionable strategies that push the business towards this desired future state.

How the business review process works

The IHC business review service approach is highly collaborative. We implement a highly participative methodology, working directly with executive management and staff to develop a visual model that reflects the existing environment within the business. By carefully considering both strengths and opportunities, we develop a shared understanding of the actions required to address current state issues and realise the desired future state.

Our business review service will identify and highlight your organisation’s key strengths and opportunities. This enables us to develop an actionable strategies required to direct the business towards the desired future state. We will create a roadmap with pathways that lead you through the remaining aspects of the journey that lies ahead.

Capabilities and methods include:

  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Process Mapping
  • Accountability Matrices
  • System Maps and SIPOC models
  • Services Modelling
  • Relationship Mapping
  • Information Systems Mapping
  • Process Value Analysis
  • Process Improvement [including Six Sigma / Lean Toolkit]
  • Executive Reporting
  • Roadmap Development

Find out more and talk to one of our consultants, contact us. Melbourne based, delivering business review services throughout Australasia.